Are you publishing to over-the-top channels on SmartTVs, Roku, Android, iOS, and desktop? Sometimes, you need something that connects all your systems together to deliver a smooth experience for your customer.

We've built solutions that integrates the systems and platforms used to deliver an OTT service. Whether it be a DRM solution, a media distribution manager, or even a metadata caching service, there are areas where we have improved on a client's existing implementation for a better experience for their users. Give us a call to see if that's something we can do for you.

Live Streaming

There are many live streaming solutions out there, and not all do the same things nor have the same level of reliability. At WhDiYo, we've partnered with the best and can deliver for you a simple solution that performs, is scalable, and ultimately reliable.

Here are just some of the features:

  • Single-Stream ingestion: Give us a high quality feed (SDI, RTMP, MPEG-TS) and we'll transcode, transrate, and transmux on the fly to HLS and DASH in multiple bitrate profiles for smooth adaptive bitrate streaming (no buffering!).

  • On-premise or Cloud encoders: We can lease you an encoder that does all the video processing. Simply hook up a camera, a satellite downlink, or a VOD linear feed. But if you already have your favorite encoder onsite, that's okay, just stream it to our cloud encoding platform.

  • Pseudo-Live Linear VOD broadcasting software: Want to create a 24/7 OTT channel with pre-recorded or premium content? We have software to make that easy for you.

  • CDN on the fly: Our video distribution can leverage your CDN relationships. However, we guarantee that our cloud delivery nodes will perform better and scale as your viewers spike. No need to sign a long-term contract or pay a psychic to predict your viral video views.

  • Low-latency: From your camera to the end-point deliver. Regardless if it's a cell phone, tablet, desktop, or OTT set top box, you can see latency below 10 seconds.

  • High Resolution: Want to stream HD or even UHD? Yes! We can handle that at scale!

  • In-Stream Advertising: We have several solutions for you. Even if you donít have SCTE-35 markers or ad-slates built into your stream we can still help you insert ads. We also, can replace existing in-stream ads with the VAST ad-tag of your own.

Video Monetization

We are partnered with AdSparx to deliver total live streaming and VOD monetization.

We offer more than simply server-side ad insertion to your videos. Do you have a media that already has embedded linear ads? We can help you replace them real-time to be targeted to each individual viewer.

We support streams in MSS, HLS, DASH, and RTMP.

Ads can be served via VAST or from your local library of ads.